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What makes Neroboard different from the rest of the boards on the market?

Neroboard is very meticulous on the products we sell. We make sure our boards are made with the premium parts. All of our boards come with a high quality aluminium alloy frame. Our batteries are a high powered lithium ion SAMSUNG battery. Our technology is built on a strong platform, which eliminates reaction time from rider to board, giving the ability to maneuver wherever the user pleases. We are still a higher quality but for an even more affordable price.

How hard is it to ride the Neroboard?

The Neroboard is self balancing, so even if you don’t have experience with any “balancing sports” such as snowboarding, you will pick it up quickly.  The average user is a pro in as little as 15 minutes.

How fast is the Neroboard?

The Neroboard can get reach a top speed of 10 MPH. Before riding, please read the User Manual carefully, and follow all Safety Precautions. Always pay attention to your surroundings

What is the weight limit

The maximum weight limit is 100kg.

How Long does the battery last?

The Neroboard battery takes 2-3 hours for a full charge and will last for 9-12 miles.  This range is dependent on the users weight, road conditions, and temperature.  The battery automatically recharges when cruising downhill.

How durable is the Neroboard?

Neroboards are very durable. They are designed to withstand rain, wind, and sand. The Neroboard can handle hard bumps and sharp turns. Note: It is not recommended to intentionally get your Neroboard wet. You should not ride your NEXBOARD in inclement weather or near puddles.

Does my Neroboard come with a warranty

All Neroboards come with a 12 month limited manufactures warranty. Any damage incurred by improper usage/negligence would not be covered by the warranty.

What is the Neroboard return policy?

If you are not happy with your Neroboard, you have 7 days from the day you receive it to request a full refund given you return the item in it’s original condition (Any scratches, marks, damage etc. will void your eligibility for a refund).

If you receive your Neroboard and it is defective, we will kindly issue a replacement.

We do not replace for accidental damage so please- be careful!

Do you ship outside of the U.K?

Yes! We ship Neroboards around the world! Please email us for a quote as prices vary.

How long does the Neroboard Take to Ship?

The Neroboard takes up to 3 business days to ship within the United Kingdom. International shipping times vary.

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